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Degree of Ph.D.

The Degree of the Ph.D. in Environmental Physics and Meteorology is awarded when research is proved that leads to scientific evolution. The Ph.D. candidates should hold the M.Sc. in Environmental Physics and Meteorology or the former M.Sc. degree offered by the Department. Their admission to the Ph.D. programme is based mainly on their grade in B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses. There is an exception only for Ph.D. candidates that hold a Master degree from outside Greece and their admission is considered by the General Assembly. In this special case the candidate is obliged to attend at least two courses of Basic Physics as well as at least two from the courses that offers the specialization. The courses that the candidate should attend are decided by the supervision committee and they are approved by the General Assembly.

The duration for the acquisition of the Ph.D. degree is at least 6 semesters after the acquisition of the M.Sc. degree.